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What It's Like Getting High at Restorative Yoga

What It's Like Getting High at Restorative Yoga


So, I recently joined a women’s wellness space called The Assembly where they offer this class called “Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy.” I wasn’t sure what to expect because yoga can be a hit or miss for me… sometimes I’m really in tune with my body and other times I can tune out and get bored. But, I decided to give it a go, especially since I was trialing a lot of their different classes and offerings.

And thank god that I did because that hour of complete relaxation and mindfulness completely put me in a changed state of being. I had walked in, completely unaware of how stressed my body was and how preoccupied my thoughts were, and walked out feeling refreshed and cleansed.

The experience also felt like the perfect thing to do high, so I decided to light up a pre-roll for my next class.

My experience and thoughts

The pre-roll I chose was on the relaxed/happy side and after a couple of hits, I felt an instant lightness in my body. I knew I was high, but it wasn’t overwhelming, almost like I had a filter over reality that made me feel a little floaty. (More on the product below.) I was definitely more in tune with my physical senses, with the aromatherapy smelling a little stronger, the stretches feeling a little deeper. Eventually given the sort of dark, meditative ambience of the class, I almost felt a spirituality to the experience that I didn’t feel when I was sober.

However, having said that, I also sank a little too deeply into my emotions, where I would feel disoriented as we switched movements because I wasn’t completely sure what was going on. I would float in between feeling deeply relaxed to deeply self conscious as I realized that I wasn’t following the steps correctly. I kind of wish that the class wasn’t so physically active and that there were more moments to lay still.

Given how much I enjoyed the experience sober, I don’t think I “needed” to be high on it. There is something special and manageable about getting to a relaxed mental state without substances. If I were to do this again, I’d probably take something more CBD leaning and try to focus on a body high that didn’t affect the mind.

Product Review: L E U N E Pre roll, Desert Gold

L E U N E is supposedly the first terpene-infused preroll, meaning it’s been flavored with natural terpene infusions. This Eaze description is what ultimately sold me, “tropical flavors meet luscious notes of peach.”

But I gotta say… these did not do it for me. The packaging is gorgeous and so, so cute for your lil pre-roll. But I couldn’t taste any of the flavored notes. The high was pretty light and clean, but I think for $7 I’d just roll my own j at that point.

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