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My Meditative Experience at a Cannabis Dance Class

My Meditative Experience at a Cannabis Dance Class

Cannabis and comedy. Cannabis and art. Cannabis and yoga. “Cannabis & blank” activities are everywhere in San Francisco. For me, they’ve always been great, unique experiences. There’s always positive energy at these events, an unspoken understanding that we’re all here to try something new and have a good time.

When my friend Teiko invited me to a cannabis dance class in Oakland, I already knew I would love it. I’ve been experimenting with dancing high on nights out instead of drinking and those have already been so much fun. I was curious what the intimate dance setting would be like, how the instructor would guide the experience, and what kind of people I would meet.

Would it be awkward? Would I feel self conscious? Only one way to find out.


We arrived to an inviting indoor loft space with snacks, fruit, and tea that opened up to an outdoor deck with all kinds of greenery including a couple of lush cannabis plants.

People slowly trickled in — some knew the instructor from her cannabis and yoga classes and others had stumbled on the event online like us. We passed around joints, had a little small talk, and sat around in a circle to introduce ourselves. Overall, it was just a group of 10, so it felt intimate, but comfortable.

The theme of the dance was dancing through the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth. Each song personified an element and took us on a journey of harmonious melodies and fast, energetic beats. The dances were unguided and we were encouraged to move in a way that felt right for our bodies.

In my high state, this could easily have been an anxiety-inducing activity, but because everyone in the room was on the same page, that anxiety turned into a quiet familiarity. I loved dancing by myself in a room; I already knew how to move my body in a way that made me happy. It was just about letting go of that self-consciousness to immerse myself in the music and my own natural movement.

I closed my eyes and started off with slow stretches. I gravitated to the slots of sunlight in the room, meditating on the warmth and the beauty of the space. Whenever I looked around, I could tell that everyone was just doing their own thing. One guy was laying down on the floor, the instructor was twirling around, and the girl next to me moved with even more subtlety than I did.

Unlike dancing at a party, we weren’t trying to dance with each other. We were all in our own worlds, connected by our collective energy. The cannabis high helped me look at the room with observance instead of judgment. It was easy to get lost in the moment and as I slowly slipped into my own flow state, I found myself dancing more expressively and confidently.

It’s okay to be who you are.

We rarely get to have this authenticity in our everyday lives. We are constantly analyzing situations and deciding how to react. What does this person think of me? Based on that, what should I do or say? It was so liberating to get out of that mindset, even for a couple of hours, to know that in the moment none of that mattered.


When the class ended, we hung out with the group on the outside patio, feeling more connected than we had been in the beginning. While I normally feel tired after a cannabis sesh, this time I felt energized. I left the studio reminded again of how cannabis can be enriching and nourishing, especially when shared with an intentional community.

You can check out the class with Brittany here: https://www.meetup.com/Ganja-Yoga/

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